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Actuali Design Open!

Hey, guys. If you remember my last post on the subject, I let you know about the upcoming opening of my Etsy shop, selling greeting cards and prints! Well, now I'm here to let you know that I'm officially open for business. I've got my first item listed, and will be listing more inventory over the course of several days, to make the most of Etsy's system. So, without further ado,

Greeting cards, prints, and graphic design at www.actualidesign.com

Everybody needs cards. You know you do. ^^

For updates on my products, and life, too, you can follow me on twitter here.

I'm really excited about this. I've bought the domain www.actualidesign.com, which I've currently got forwarding to my Etsy shop. Come this summer, I'm turning it into a full-on website, with blog. :D
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A Little Shameless Plug

So, guys, here's the deal. Around the middle of May, I'll be opening my own shop on Etsy.com, which for those who don't know, is like the Amazon of handmade stuff. I'll be selling handmade cards, and hopefully some prints, but I've got to work on building a greater collection of artwork for that. The past couple of weeks, I've been working on developing a brand for myself, under the name Actuali Design, which is a play on my name (Alison, or Ali, for those who don't know), and has a moderately elitist feel, which is always fun. XP

Here are a couple quick examples of the type of stuff you can expect to see:
[Exhibit A]
[Exhibit B]

If I've peaked your interest at all, hop on over to check out my shiny new logo and other such branding things at my shop. While you're there, you can read up on a little info I've got posted about my shop. And since it has such potential, and not to mention the fact that everyone and their mom is doing it, I've created a Twitter account! Check it out here. You can follow it to keep up with updates of new items for sale, and especially right now, the status of my shop as it nears opening, but never fear: It won't be shameless marketing 24/7. I fully intend to keep it interesting and useful. I can't do anything without throwing a personal twist into it, and my twittering won't be any exception.

If you've got any questions, feel free to ask them here, or you can contact me at actualidesign@hotmail.com

[/shameless plug]
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Jan Cobalt


I'm not dead, guys, I promise! It's been over a month since I updated last-- That's the longest I've ever gone between updates, I think. I haven't dropped the legacy. No worries there! It's just that whenever I open the game, I'm not inclined to play. It really threw me off when I lost all those hours of play. I haven't even been in the mood to write the update that the pictures are all ready for. I'll make no promises, but I hope to have the next update done this weekend. Someone needs to kick my ass into gear. I need you to all to promise that next time I do this, you'll verbally abuse me until I get the damn update posted. :)
Jan Cobalt

Dirty, Filthy Liar.

That's what I am.

See, I was all excited to update. And then my game crashed. After I'd played for about 6 hours without saving. *facepalm* I lost about 190 screencaps worth of stuff, including the birth of the generation six kids. Which kind of killed the mood. I was really liking one of them, too...

Serves me right. I knew I should've been saving.
Jan Cobalt

Shiny Things

You know, it's only been four days since I updated, and I'm ready to do it again. That's much better than the three weeks between the last two updates, wouldn't you say? Thanks to kharmakick, I don't have to worry about editing the screencaps, which was always a pain, and since I'm on March Break now, I'm actually plenty ahead in playing. I'm back into it again, which makes me ridiculously happy. :D Which means that you very well might find an update tomorrow.

Also, you don't know who the sim in my new userpic is yet, but you will shortly, and isn't she gorgeous? I quite like this new userpic, too. Good job, self. ;D

So, I'm happy. That's about it. I felt like posting something with my shiny new userpic.
Jan Cobalt


Jesus, I fail at updating regularly. I've got the pictures all taken. I just have yet to edit and write the commentary. I'd like if I said I don't have the time. It just slips my mind when I have the time. Damn it, self. Get your ass in gear.